Concrete Finishes

A. Townsend Concrete offers the following finishes for your concrete. Colored concrete is an option for all finishes. Additional custom options may be available for your project so feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities or if you have any questions.

Broom Finish Concrete Close Up

Broom Finish

Broom finish concrete is the standard and traditional finish for exterior concrete. Most concrete you encounter every day is or started out with a broom finish. (As years pass weather and use eventually wear the broom texture away.) As the name implies the final step for broom finish concrete is to drag a special broom across the surface to create a slip resistant surface. Broom finish is a budget friendly choice and the traditional look can fit into any setting. Additionally, the concrete can be colored with your choice of color.

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Plum Creek Exposed Aggregate Concrete Close Up
Pea Gravel Exposed Aggregate Concrete Close Up

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a classic decorative concrete finish. This finish requires extra skill and labor, but the result is concrete that stands out as unique and custom.

Seeded Exposed Aggregate

For a seeded exposed aggregate finish your choice of rock is spread over the concrete surface soon after pouring. The rock is sealed into the cement creating a flat surface and to ensure the rock will be held in place by the cement. A retardant is then sprayed on the concrete which will later allow the top layer of cement to be rinsed from the surface exposing the aggregate.

Natural/Monolithic Exposed Aggregate

As an alternative to seeded exposed aggregate the standard concrete mix can be exposed. An advantage is that there is no extra cost for the seeded aggregate. A pea gravel mix is most commonly used for this purpose, but any mix can be exposed for a unique look.

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Salt Finish Concrete Close Up

Salt Finish

Salt finish concrete is another classic concrete finish. For a salt finish rock salt is spread over the smoothed surface and pressed into the concrete. The concrete is left to begin curing and soon after the salt is swept up and rinsed from the concrete. The result is a unique textured appearance. The amount of salt used can be adjusted by request to create the look you want. By default we apply a moderate even amount of salt over the entire slab for a consistent textured look. A salt finish gives concrete a great decorative look at a lower cost than other decorative finishes such as stamped.

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Trowel Finish Concrete Close Up

Trowel Finish

A trowel finish creates a very smooth surface. Because troweled concrete can be very slick when wet, it is typically only used under cover such as a garage, warehouse floor, or for a slab foundation. An advantage of a trowel finish is it is much easier to clean up than other finishes.

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Custom Concrete

Custom Concrete

Concrete can be customized in many ways. Some common examples are custom control joint layouts or edging, brick inlay, or combining different finishes. If you have any questions about the possibilities available please contact us.

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